Friday, May 24th 2019

Duck River Reservoir Project

The Duck River
Reservoir Project...

is a fully permitted project to construct a 650 acre reservoir which will meet water needs for the next 75 years.

provides Cullman with additional drought-resistance

is located only six miles east of the Cullman water treatment plant.

offers Cullman complete ownership of the facilities and water rights.

provides a second water supply that can be routinely used to optimize water quality to the water treatmentplant.


Construction is still ongoing despite the reservoir being full. Please stay within designated areas away from the dam until further notice. The recreation trail is open only from County Road 1651 North to County Road 1669. Please check this website or the Duck River Facebook page for trail opening announcements. No recreational activities are allowed on the water including boating, swimming, or fishing until further notice. We thank you for your patience while we complete this great project.

The lake is not open to the public at this time, it is still an active construction zone.

See map of accessible areas:

Interim map 1 4 16


Time-lapse photos of the site: